Something different this Christmas

These past few months the State of NSW has been decimated by bushfires; homes have been lost and our flora and fauna reduced to ash.  The recent bushfires in the Lake Innes Nature Reserve have hurt our koalas.  We wanted to do something different.  We wanted to help in some way.  We decided that instead of Christmas party celebrations or buying overpriced hampers or various bottles of wine; we firstly donated money towards the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal and secondly, we adopted Peter the Koala.

Lake Innes Nature Reserve Peter is a young male Koala found during search and rescue work of the Crestwood/Lake Innes Nature Reserve bushfire.  Peter was high in a burnt-out tree and was so frightened he would not move when rescuers tried to coax him down.

Peter had to be captured via an elevated work platform brought into the fireground to retrieve burnt koalas high in the trees.  Peter was dehydrated, very quiet and had suffered burns to his hands and feet.

He also has singeing to 90% of his body which occurs from radiant heat.  In some cases this can be more of an issue than the other burns as it really is unknown how much damage has occurred to his hind legs.  Peter has been treated for his burns injuries, is getting lots of fluids and supporting nutrition.

It is early days yet for a recovery but he is getting 5 star service at the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that Peter’s recovery continues and we will keep you all updated with information and photos when we receive them.

Welcome to the Boland Legal family Peter!

See update about LINR Peter